Blue Dolphin Alliance in collaboration with the Thanksgiving Coffee Company is proud to introduce a delicious shade grown, fair traded, organic coffee. Being shade grown, our rain forests are not destroyed to grow this coffee. Instead, it is grown under the canopy in the shade of the existing trees.What this means in reality, is whether or not numerous species of song birds will become extinct due to rapid deforestation, as this is where they spend their winters.

    What's great about fair trade, is that the growers benefit by getting $1.50 a pound instead of what they receive from companies that show up on every corner in every city paying them only 5 - 15 cents a pound which isn't enough for the farmers to feed their families and sometimes they even lose their land.

   The best part of it all is that organic coffee is grown without pesticides, making the whales and dolphins extremely happy by not killing the plankton, which is the basis of life and food for the whales. Also, what most people don't know is that 60 - 75 % of our oxygen ( some scientists say even as much as 85% ) comes from that same source. So, we all benefit.

   Join us in a cup and help support our work with the whales and dolphins. Their smiles will be from gratitude for your concern.

Thanks from The Blue Dolphin Alliance

$9.95 each
12 0z. - Light, Dark Roast, or Decaf

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