For those of you who would really like to help support our work with dolphins and at the same time, realize some serious savings, we can give you the best phone rates in the country on local and state to state long distance. We now can offer 3.9 cents a minute on local toll calls and 2.9 cents a minute on long distance. This is all done through major telephone companies that are publically traded. How this works is as follows: for every call you make, that isn't a local call, a nice donation of 10 % is made to the Blue Dolphin Alliance. We in turn use it for our education efforts with children of all ages to further their path of awareness of what is currently going on in the world we share with the dolphins.

  We've reached well over 10,000 children and with your help, we could easily double that. So don't wait another day to start saving money and helping to keep the dolphins safe.


Alan Godley


P.S. Check our Great International Rates here.

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