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Dolphin - Photo by: David Hofmann

Our Future . . .

BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE is one of the oldest dolphin-focused organizations of the West Coast.  Since our formal establishment in 1989, we have brought people together to share information and involvement in dolphin and whale related issues both locally and internationally.  As an affiliate of  Earth Island Institute, we seek to increase awareness that many large-scale watershed and global issues affect dolphins ands affect dolphins and whales.  And, conversely, the plight of marine mammals can be viewed as an indicator of the fate of the human species.

How Can You Help?

There are many opportunities for you to help and truly make a difference.  Some of these actions can be taken right where you live and others might be aiding others in their research, classroom programs, and direct actions around the world.

How Can We Make A Difference?

Recently it has become apparent that many of the people doing the direct work to study, teach and protect dolphins and whales are the most under-funded.  And availability of funding gets worse year by year.  So, BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE invites you to join us in "breaking new waves" to help fund the real people working with dolphins, whales, and related environmental  issues.  Over the years, BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE has had some friends with the researchers that know what needs to be done.  These scientists and small research organizations need real help and not just talk and good t just talk and good intentions.

BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE makes small donations directly available to the people in the field or, in this case, "on the water."  Examples of this are a man who is working in the upper Amazon of Peru with one or two local species of freshwather dolphins.  A contribution of $40 would buy the food and gas for a summer's work.

Or a woman who keeps a census of the bottlenose dolphins that are found along our Southern California Coast.  A contribution of $400 would help her continue with her census and publish her results.  There are also folks working on photo identification of the blue and humpback whales along our coastline.  And let's not forget the man that "babysat" Humphrey the stranded whale for seven days and nights until the rescue team arrived.

Or our friend who has be to Iceland five times to try to locate Keiko's (Willy's) mom. He's also working on the release of Lolita, a 32-year-old Orca at the Miami Sea Aquarium.  Of the 75 whales that were captured with her in the same year-and-a-half span, she is the last one remaining alive.  A contribution of $500 could help defray some of his transportation costs and further his field work.

We are also developing other suitable projects.  Small contributions could assist researchers and student interns study sea turtles of Baja California.  Locally, your contributions can go towards funding internships for young people to work with researchers on Santa Barbara Coast marine and coastal issues.  Or, for sponsoring whale watches, public festivals and classroom presentations.  Last year, we reached over 12,000 students.   A contribution of $50 will sponsor a classroom talk; $125 will cover a large assembly, bringing a significant awareness to protecting our most valuable resource, the ocean and its life.

So, now, you can be part of the solution.  Together we help these projects continue.

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