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In order to make a difference in the quality of life we live, and to leave a legacy of value for the society that follows us, BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE is committed to creating a "path of awareness."  Although all forms of life are ultimately important in the spectrum of our planet, we at     BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE have narrowed our focus to one island of life.  The cetaceans -- islands unto themselves, living in harmony within their surroundings.

The true salvation of our world and its life forms lies with our children.  Our ultimate goal at     BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE is to convey this message of ecological preservation to young people and to get them excited about one species in nature.   To understand a particular species and to define it unconditionally is to realize its importance within our environment.   If you love something, you will defend it!

The most important aspect of creating environmental awareness is to "start."  Like a wheel that starts turning and moving forward, we at   BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE are the impetus that puts the wheel in motion.  By exposing children to our environment, they will have a more complete understanding of it and will become one with it. 

BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE has established a place to start , by accumulating a wealth of information  for people to get more deeply involved with things close to their heart.    BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE has developed a special store for environmental "vehicles" to convey the message of ecology to all people, including our children.

Our success is manifested through personally touching children by going directly into the classroom and establishing a network of communication -- to put them directly in touch with the ocean and its life through visual presentations and field trips.  It is important to teach with a "hands-on" technique rather than just telling them about it.   "It's like a tribal drum beating on this end and being answered on the other."

After all, no one has all the answers.  This is why the illusion of separation must be dropped and be replaced by communication with one another.  If we focus on what we have in common, our differences will find their own solutions.  We all have the earth in common.   What encourages us at BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE is to see and hear people taking personal responsibility for the world.

With your help, we can make a difference by educating our youth to the importance of preserving and enhancing our most precious resources:  the earth and its life.  As the great Chief Sitting Bull once said, "If we could all think with a child's mind, we would all get along well together."


Alan Godley, Director of BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE

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